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Electric Adjustable Type
May 24, 2017

Electric regulating butterfly valve belongs to a variety of electric valves and electric regulating valves. The main connection methods are: flange type and wafer type. is an important executive unit in the field of industrial automation control. Electric regulating butterfly valve installation of two major analysis: installation position, height, import and export direction must meet the design requirements, note that the direction of the flow of media and the valve body marked arrow direction, the connection should be firmly close. The electric regulating butterfly valve must carry on the appearance inspection before installing, the valve nameplate should conform to the current national standard "universal valve sign" GB12220 stipulation. For the work pressure is greater than 1.0MPa and in the main pipe to cut off the action of the valve, before the installation should be tested strength and tightness. Qualified after the use. Strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times times the nominal pressure, the duration is not less than 5min, valve shell, filler should be no leakage for qualified. The electric regulating butterfly valve can be divided into offset plate, vertical plate, oblique plate and lever type according to the structure form. According to the sealed form can be divided into soft sealed type and hard seal type two kinds. The soft seal type generally uses the rubber ring seal, the hard seal type usually uses the metal ring seal.