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Selection criteria
May 24, 2017

The selection criteria for check valves are as follows:

1, in order to prevent the media upstream, in equipment, devices and pipelines should be installed check valve;

2, check valve is generally suitable for clean medium, not suitable for containing solid particles and large viscosity medium;

3, generally in the nominal path 50mm horizontal pipe should be selected horizontal lift check valve;

4. Straight-through type lift check valve can only be installed in horizontal pipe;

5, for the pump inlet pipe, it is advisable to choose the bottom valve, the bottom valve is generally only installed in the pump inlet of the vertical pipe, and the medium flow from bottom to top;

6, the lifting type is better than the rotary type sealing, the fluid resistance is big, the horizontal suit should be installed on the horizontal pipe, the vertical is installed on the vertical pipe;

7, swing check valve installation position is not restricted, it can be installed in the horizontal, vertical or inclined pipeline, such as installed in the vertical pipe, the medium flow from the bottom;

8, swing check valve should not be made into small-caliber valves, can be made very high pressure, nominal pressure can reach 42MPa, and the nominal diameter can also be very large, the largest can reach more than 2000mm. Any working medium and any operating temperature range can be applied according to the different material of the shell and the sealing part. The medium is water, steam, gas, corrosive medium, oil, medicine, etc. Medium operating temperature range between 196-800 Shan;