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Process Design Editor
May 24, 2017

(1) The quality control of the main blanks of the valve all parts are forgings, forged in strict accordance with the forging process and process card, strict control of the initial forging temperature, final forging temperature, deformation degree and deformation speed, according to the cooling method stipulated in the process of cooling. The chemical composition analysis, mechanical property test, intergranular corrosion test and metallographic microstructure analysis of wrought product were carried out, which were analyzed, tested and measured.

(2) welding to improve the quality of surfacing, the valve and seat of the sealing surface surfacing welding using plasma argon arc welding process. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality of welding, the process of welding process is evaluated again.

(3) Assembling test products not only need high-precision parts, but also how to assemble these high-precision components into high-performance products. The Central nuclear Valve organization has an experienced, skilled, by a number of technicians and senior technicians assembly, commissioning team, responsible for valve assembly, commissioning, testing, the preparation of parts cleaning process, assembly process, in the assembly and commissioning strict control, excellence, to ensure that the valve assembly, commissioning success, and carried out a variety of performance tests, the indicators are in line with the requirements of the design mission.