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Check Valve Series
May 24, 2017

The Shan butterfly type double check valve is used in the water pipe network with corrosive medium and sewage in the high-rise building.

Shan Lifting Type Mute check valve is used in water supply and drainage engineering quality requirements of the pipeline, at the same time can be installed at the pump exit, the pressure (Pn2 5mpa) relatively high pipe network; is a good waterproof hammer check valve products.

Shan Lifting type Noise check valve is suitable for the high rise building water supply and drainage system and pump outlet, not suitable for the sewage pipe occasions.

Shan horizontal Check valves are suitable for diving, drainage and sewage pumps, especially for sewage and sludge systems.

The Shan rotary type rubber check valve is applied in the urban water pipe network system;

Shan Rotary Single Check valve use a wide range, can be installed in the water supply and drainage, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, industrial and other pipelines, the space is the most suitable for the occasion of the limited system.